NEW ALBUM: Make a Man, the Unfinished Life of Paul Koors, available October, 2019

Paul's first record, Winter's Come and Gone, was a solo guitar and vocal record he recorded at Greg Howard's little home studio, and released in 2016. Paul Finished recording his second album just before he died. Its eleven country-inflected rock songs are inspired by the singer’s life, and deal with subjects like gratitude, self-doubt, and good old-fashioned heartbreak.  Make a Man is a true "band" record with Paul on guitars, James McLaughlin on drums, Justin Esposito on violin, John D'earth on cornet on two tracks, and Greg Howard playing bass on the Chapman Stick and a little alto sax here and there. Once again, most of the music was recorded at Greg's home studio, with James laying down the drums at his studio, also in Charlottesville. Greg mixed the album and it will be released at the debut perofrmance of the Paul Koors Band on October 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Paul at the JamFest in Charlottesville, June, 2017.

SAMPLE TRACK MONTAGE: "New Orleans", "A Sane Woman", and "Irish Goodbye"

Track listing (all songs written by Paul Koors)

11. New Orleans
12. Fall
13. Make a Man
14. A Sane Woman
15. Far Away
16. The World's First Sunrise
17. Been a Long Time
18. Gone, Baby, Gone
19. First Robin of Spring
10. Irish Goodbye
11. BONUS TRACK:  Dear Virginia (demo)

Paul's First Album, Winter's Come and Gone (2016)

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